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The Year End Review

As you can see, this blog has had a couple of overhauls. That's because I couldn't really find anything that fit my own personality. I love butterflies and fairies. So now I have a blog for
Over the course of 2012 I have had the honor and privilege of being introduced to that ever widening circle of publishing writers. The friends I have made through my work are amazing. What's more, I even found a few soul friends. Mary Ting, Karen Fuller, Alex Weis, Charlotte Blackwell, Marsha Casper Cook, Jacquie Talento,Carlie Rose, Bri Vitlo, Amanda Strickhouse and well the list goes on and on and I have laughed and cried with all of you and can't thank you enough for all you have done to help me improve and keep going as a writer. Most of all, I can't thank you enough for the bonds that have formed.

Huge hugs and yes there are some more books written by me coming your way soon.

I can't wait!!!

Doing a happy know you can picture it...lmao. Lot's of love.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Kiss by Joann Buchanan

The Kiss

by Joann Buchanan

Giveaway ends October 01, 2012.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win
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I've Been Kissed Giveaway!!

Two weeks until the release of THE KISS, book 2 of The Children of Nox series. To kick off the up coming day, I'm having a huge giveaway that includes jewelry and print copies of some of today's hottest books out there. 
THE KISS will be released on AUGUST 1st!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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T-Shirt Contest

 Below are the images for the T-Shirt contest! I want to thank everyone for entering. So the voting will begin and the winner will receive a prize package that includes a t-shirt with the pic they entered along with a number of other goodies.

How to vote.

There is a poll located on the right hand side. Look at the number next to the picture of your choice and tada, you have voted. Remember to send all your friends here to vote. :D







 I can't wait to see which one wins!!!

Happy Voting! :D

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My New Bio

My name is Joann H. Buchanan and I wear many hats. One of the hats I wear is that of mom. That hat has a lot of stitches, patch jobs, glitter, bedazzler jewels and stains. It is the most important one in my life and the one I never take off. Between my fiancĂ© John and I, we have 7 children. “WOW”, I’m sure some of you are saying, while others are going, “Bread much?” The truth is that without them, I wouldn’t know what to do. They are the most inspiring beautiful people in my life.
The other hat I wear in my life is that of a writer. I’ve always been a writer. When I was a kid, my parents grounded me to my room with nothing to do but homework, read and write. One summer, I was grounded for leaving my kid sister at church. I look back now and laugh about it, but it was then that I discovered the love of writing. I ran out of things to read in my room, so I picked up a pencil and started writing. The first story I wrote was about a gypsy bird. A whole new world opened up for me. One I couldn’t get enough of. I started taking the bus all over San Diego just so I could sit and write stories about the people who got on. They had stories of love, laughter, heartache, horror and yes some of them were evil. My parents never understood this but I didn’t care.  
5 years ago this Easter Sunday, we lost our house in a fire. We lost everything . . . almost. Sitting on my desk, was a stack of disks and a paper copy of a book I was working on. The computer, covered in ash and soot, melted down to nothing. Miraculously, nothing touched the stack of disks and the paper copy of the book. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. The paper was still white and the disks didn’t have a bit of damage. It was like an angel had protected them. It was also a sign to me that I needed to do something with my writing. A few months later, John purchased my first laptop and I put a blog together. I didn’t know what I was doing. Talk about being green. It took a couple years to learn what things were like query letters, polishing, and all the other stuff that comes with writing, but it was so worth it.
When people ask me, how do you balance out your life? I tell them the truth. Not everything gets finished. There are days I forget to take the laundry out of the dryer. There are times when dinner is late and yes there are moments when I say to my family, let’s just have fun tonight. I’m the person who dances in the rain and laughs when the milk is spilled. I try to remember that my children are this age once. Without any one of them, I wouldn’t be doing anything I’m doing now.
When people ask me why I wanted to get published, I tell them the truth on that as well. I wanted my children to know that dreams come true if you work hard enough and believe in yourself. I wanted my children to see me as an example. They have seen my mistakes; shouldn’t they see my triumphs as well? To me that’s the most important thing. They need to know that they are going to make mistakes but that doesn’t cause their lives to end. Each one of them can still dream an accomplish anything they want. When people ask me why I write, I write for them. I write because it’s as much a part of me as they are.  

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MADSHEEP READING: I Am Wolf - Joann H. Buchanan

An amazing review for I AM WOLF!! YEAH! :D 

MADSHEEP READING: I Am Wolf - Joann H. Buchanan: I Am Wolf - Joann H. Buchanan About the book: Angel, hero, monster, devil--we all become what we really are. I Am Wolf --The jou...

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There is less than a month left in the review contest. Remember each person who participates wins a prize. It includes a swag bag full of goodies and a signed print copy of THE KISS. So make sure you post your reviews for I AM WOLF  HERE :D

Huge hugs!! 

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The WINNER of the "Invite Your Friends to HOWL" Contest is

 Katherine Christina Rochholz 

I want to thank everyone for all the support you have given me. Please contact me so I can get your address :) 

Huge hugs!! <3 XXOOXX <3 

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YEAH!! I'm jumping up and down for joy over the fact that our Youngling Pack has reached 1000 likes. It's amazing how little time it took since I Am Wolf was release in January. I'm blown away by the support and all the love!

Now for the one thing you guys have been waiting for. We are going to have a "CREATE YOUR T-SHIRT" contest. I thought it would be cool to showcase a talent I don't have. The contest is going to go on from today until June 30th. The winner will be sent a t-shirt with their design on it. So show off your art and have a blast doing it!

Here are the rules.

It must pertain to I AM WOLF.

You can take any aspect of the novel, including fairies, fantasy, wolves, Native American--as you see you can have a blast with this!

The pictures must be posted on the I AM WOLF FACEBOOK page.

The voting will start on July 1st and end July 15th. I'll make sure all the pictures are posted to this blog and set up a poll for it.

Here are the PRIZES

The grand prize

The t-shirt with their design and an autographed copy of I AM WOLF and THE KISS, a $5 Amazon gift card and a small swag bag full of goodies.

1st place

An autographed copy of I AM WOLF and THE KISS. A $5 Amazon gift card and a swag bag of goodies.

2nd place.

An autographed copy of I AM WOLF and THE KISS and a $5 Amazon gift card.

Everyone else will receive an e-copy of THE KISS. There will be no losers in this have a BLAST!!

I want to make sure that everyone receives something for all the work they put into their design. So have a blast and get creative. :D

Huge hugs and thank you all for the support!! <3 <3 <3
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Making Changes

Due to FB stating we can no longer have contests and things like that on their site. I have decided to do all of them through here. If there is a contest going on, a trivia game and anything else, it will all be done here. I don't want to risk losing everything and I don't want to stop having fun with all my Youngling Pack.

You guys are so much fun to know and mean so much to me. I can't say how amazing your support is. So, when I post here, that means a GAME is going on! :D

Huge hugs and lots of love!!!

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Author of the Week: AOTW- Joann H. Buchanan

Author of the Week: AOTW- Joann H. Buchanan: Joann H. Buchanan About the Author: The love of the written word is like a drug. A single thought can turn into miles across the ocean ...

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Joining me today for an interview to kick off his blog tour is Eric Johnston. 

1.      1.       Can you tell us about The Twins of Noremway Parish?

The Twins of Noremway Parish is the first part of a two-part novel (the second part is titled The Book of Ragas, and will be published at a future date) that takes place in the distant future, approximately 5,000 years hence. The world is run-down; the land is dry, parched, and dead, and there are only a few human settlements left in the world. There was a war with beings known collectively as “the Darkness.” They have one goal: bring chaos to the world.
There is one being from a group of god-like entities that had survived since the beginning of existence that attempts to restore order to this chaos. He/She is a Story Teller. These Story Tellers spin tales, making sense of all the disparate things around them, developing cohesive narratives that have a certain elegance, a pristine order.
The Twins of Noremway Parish begins with the Story Teller narration, but he/she is soon captured by the Darkness who seeks to use his/her powers to tell another story, one that will tear apart the fabric of the universe. The story changes, becoming dark, evil, and…deadly.
The story itself really follows the parish friar, Decon Mangler, often referred to as “Brother Decon” and the Parochial Vicar, Teret Finley, known as “Sister Teret.” They are the male and female religious leaders of the parish, and being such, must keep a certain innocence about them. When a pair of infant conjoined twins are found in the cathedral, they decide it would be best for the twins if they raised them as mother and father themselves. This leads to a social uproar as it becomes clear that, to some within the parish, tradition, even a tradition that makes no sense, is more important than thinking about the actual well-being of these children.

2: What inspired you to write The Twins of Noremway Parish?
I started out with the idea about twins. I’m a twin, so I thought there is something worth exploring here concerning the relationship that you have with this other person that you cannot have with anyone else. I wanted to write about a pair of conjoined twins whose parents had them separated shortly after birth. This was a story that would take place today. And one of the twins could think of nothing else but wanting to be reconnected to his brother. This desire drives him to the point where he murders his brother when he refuses to be a willing party to becoming reattached. And then the story was to end with this twin cradling this rotting hunk of meat that used to be his brother.
But that story didn’t work for me. So I made up my own world. I initially made it an alien world called Ongola, but then decided I would set it in the distant future…and then the story took shape.
I wrote the first draft of what is The Twins of Noremway Parish in about two weeks. This book was originally set-up for the main story which in now known as The Book of Ragas, a separate novel that will be published in the coming months.

3. If you could visit any part of your books in real life, what place would it be and why?
I would love to visit Noremway Parish itself because of the characters there. I love Decon and Teret. They are so perfect for each other.

4 What is your favorite part of writing?
Meeting my characters, listening to them talk, and seeing how they react.

5 Can you tell us about anything new you're working on?
Right now I am writing the sequel to Harvester Ascension, titled Harvester Evolution. My Harvester series ties into The Twins of Noremway Parish and The Book of Ragas in several interesting ways. I am also writing a novel called Temporal Winter, which is a novel about a new civil war, American vs. America, except it is war of Future America vs. Present-Day America. In the future, temporal bombs, bombs that can erase certain moments in time, are created, and this precipitates a war against a people who are seen as living only in the present, bent on sending a big “screw you” to posterity. The third novel I’m working on right now is called Orchard Hills. It is about a police officer who is killed in the line of duty, but wakes up in this strange reality where he is required to avenged his death when all he wants to do is get to heaven (or wherever) to reunite with his dead daughter.

6 Who are some of your inspirations?
I only write books I would want to read.
I read a lot from classic science fiction, horror, and fantasy novels to history and science. I have a wide knowledge-base from which to draw inspiration.  Style-wise, Stephen King is my biggest influence.


7 What is your FAVE food ?
Pizza. I prefer peperoni and bacon.

8 If a movie was made, who would you see playing some of your main characters?
Decon—Christian Bale
Teret—Scarlette Johansen
Franz—Gary Oldman
Rita—Kathy Bates
9 What is your fave color?

10 What is your fave time of day?
Early morning and just before sunset
Last question, If you could share anything with new writers, what would it be?
If you want to be a writer then WRITE! There isn’t some magic moment where you suddenly become a writer. If you want to be a good writer, you must write a lot and READ a lot. In my opinion, if you don’t read as part of your daily ritual, there is no way you can be a good writer. And lastly, never give up. Rejection is the name of the game in this business. Don’t take it personally, and don’t give up.

Thank you Eric Johnston for stopping off and having this conversation with me. 

Copyright by Joann H. Buchanan

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Good Reads Giveaway!!!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

I Am Wolf by Joann Buchanan

I Am Wolf

by Joann Buchanan

Giveaway ends April 30, 2012.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

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There for You: Joann Buchanan's Blog Tour: Interview

There for You: Joann Buchanan's Blog Tour: Interview:  Joann Buchanan has stopped by the blog today for her tour of I Am Wolf! She's answered some fun questions and shared her links. Enjoy the...

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Sneak Peek of The Kiss (UNEDITED)


Moon Tribe

‘Through dragon’s fire made of ice, I change. I close my eyes to hear the stars whisper in my ear, though nothing is revealed. Torn between a past I don’t understand and a present I can’t escape, oh how my heart cries out please ancestors do not choose me.
It is a single kiss that fills my dreams and haunts me in every waking hour.  A kiss filled with hells fire burns within me—a kiss. Invisible breezes rush past me on the cliff of my own demise where I feel my heart aching for the manifestation of something, someone that doesn’t exist. A kiss.
The cave calls to me, beckons me to enter just beyond the white thorn bush. There just ahead, past the fog travels a sound from a pan. I can see him, the clown that is. He waves to me every night and points the way. A kiss.
I wait for you my shadow man—the entity of my dreams. You are the soul that touches me. The past is gone the present soon to dawn and now I see the fabrics woven in the tapestries. It is a kiss I wait to give you. A kiss of freedom—a kiss from yesterday—a kiss that shreds the past and carries us unto the future. A kiss. Just as my dreams of seeing you are about to come alive—I awake.’
The alarm clock went off, dragging Cleo away from the cave where he waited. The first word out of her mouth was no. Always with in her grasp of understanding but never quite all the way, she sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes.

I am Shakya clan, the modern myth. I carry the flames of justice and see through the darkness of night. I am the guardian and the seeker. I am lion and my roar makes even the wolves shake.

Chapter 1
Answers Needed
The scent of wild lavender bells, miniature roses, daisies and baby’s breaths  dusted the pine smelling breeze that floated through the air. The ground was brushed with bright colors of yellow, lavender and red from the wild flowers. The heartache of the past had died with the spring. Life was anew, fresh like the golden rays of the sun shining down on the world below.  Nothing could rip the joy Alaynee had in her heart.
With the destruction of the Unnatural creature known as Ralph destroyed, and winter’s discontent put away in the drawer of the past, Alaynee knew all she had to do was answer the single question. Will you marry me? Jonah had asked. It was like life stood still for just a moment.  He didn’t want an answer then, just the possibility of a future. When love’s sweet song would dance on her heart and play the strings of her soul. They would be forever tattooed on one another’s hearts and souls.
Deep within her stomach rested a small pit of disbelief and worry. The What if questions lingered in the back of her mind. What if they weren’t right for eachother? What if they were too young? What if they didn’t make it? What if—what if—so much is left to the possibility of chance and love, well she was her own bastard of the two sided coin that broke hearts on a daily basis.
Alaynee turned and looked at herself in the mirror. “He asked me to marry him,” she said out loud to her reflection. The ledge of concern was a steep fall but the glow in her eyes told a different story. She beamed with joy and love from within. Her entire body had a glow. The kind of glow only loves sweet touch can give. There was no denying it now. Alaynee knew in her heart the only answer she had to give Jonah and that was yes. Yes with all her body. Yes with all her mind and yes with all her soul. There was the possibility that nothing would work out, but there was also the possibility they could have all been killed just months ago. So why would she want to postpone the very thing she wanted most?
Alaynee put The Cure and danced around to the music. Lost in her own dream world, the knock at the door startled her.
“I’m leaving soon,” Cathy said.
Alaynee opened the door and hugged her mom with all she had. Tears streamed down her face. What light makes a girl dance and sing? What kind of joy brings so much happiness that one can’t help but cry? Love is that single emotion. It can take you to the greatest heights of laughter and joy while bring you down to the bottomless pits of hell. It is the one emotion that inhabits every other emotion and is the greatest driving force on the planet.
“What’s going on?” Cathy asked.
“I’ll tell you when you get back mom. It’s nothing bad. I promise,” she said. Her voice, whimsical with joy and revelation. She loved Jonah. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. They were going to bond.
“I’m going to miss you mom. Have a great show!” Alaynee said with enthusiasm.
“Are you sure you don’t want to go with me?” Cathy asked.
“Can’t. I have S.A.T.s on Monday and you won’t be back on time,” she said.
“I can make sure we get back on time,” Cathy said with a little hope in her voice.
“No mom, you worked so hard for this. I don’t want you to lose out. Not because of me,” Alaynee said.
“I would do anything for you, you know that don’t you?” Cathy asked.
“Of course. Mom, come on, what’s going on?”
“Nothing, you and your brother are just almost grown up, that’s all,” Cathy said.
Alaynee hugged her mom tight when tears formed in the corners of her eyes.
“Mom, we’re always going to need you,” she said.
More than you know now, she thought. Alaynee had debated on telling Cathy about the proposal, the truth was until just a few seconds ago, she hadn’t made up her mind.
“I’m going to be late for my flight if I stand here too much longer,” Cathy wiped the tears from her eyes. “Ok well I’ll be back in a few days. Watch out for your brothers will ya?”
“Always mom, no go or I’m going to ground you young lady,” Alaynee laughed.
She gave Cathy one more hug and watched her from the window as she got into her car and disappeared down the drive.
An answer, he needs an answer. 

Copyright by Joann H. Buchanan

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Where My Heart Is

I AM WOLF Book 1 Children of Nox was available for free download yesterday. It was a complete success in the start of spreading the word about my novel. I can't believe the out pour of support that came at me from unexpected places. It was without a doubt the most unique experience, one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I can't believe I'm actually here. I the feeling is humble and even a little overwhelming. I've always believed that dreams come true. . .for others. I didn't believe they could actually happen for me. I didn't do this alone though. I had a lot of help along the way from John Buchanan, my fiance. He pushed me when I wanted to give up and just stop. If it wasn't for him and Chantell, my sister, I wouldn't have continued. I would have wrote, but I don't think I would have tried to get published.

Five years ago, I made a little silver box and placed objects inside. This was my own special wish box. I wanted to remind myself that dreams are good to have. Inside the box, I placed a little toy house, a car, a picture of my family smiling and laughing and last but not least a piece of paper that said please dear God let me get published and be successful. A couple years later, the house we were renting caught fire and we lost everything we owned. Yes even the box went up in flames. Still what was inside didn't because that was in my heart.

I look back now and we have a house that belongs to us. I have a vehicle that runs. My family is happy and healthy and last but not least I have been published. It took a lot of hard work to get here. But the thing is, I get to look back and see that where I once was the gypsy in the family I'm not stable. Where I didn't have a car I could drive and life itself seemed so unsure when it came to my family because of divorce--I now have all I asked for. It is a dream come true--all of it.

Dreams have a way of sneaking up on you and biting you when you least expect it. They grab our hearts and shape the way we do things. I feel like all the things in my wish box came true. Though they may not have happened the way I envisioned them. They still happened. I have been inspired by so many other people and learned from some of the coolest people out there. It has been a pleasure.

John and Chantell thank you for the encouragement when I didn't see it. I also want to thank all the beautiful and talented people who have been there along the way. I also want to send out huge hugs to Jazzy, she was there with every word I wrote and was a fan long before I had a story.

Karen Fuller, World Castle Publishing for taking me on and seeing what John and Chantell saw. To Charlotte Blackwell, Mary Ting and Marsha Casper Cook for all their encouragement and words of wisdom. Thank you for dealing with my neurotic state of mind when the mood strikes. I couldn't have stayed the course without you guys.

Daniel Bautz, a talented film maker, show host and friend. He created the trailer you see above for me because I was clueless. I think he got a giggle out of me being clueless. He is one of my best friends.

Jim Malliard, who is a show host and a paranormal investigative team leader. His twittering is not surpassed by anyone else I know. He is always there to lend a hand where needed, no matter who asks. Thank you Jim, quack

I met Audrey Hamilton a while back and was invited to join her in her company, For You PR. She has been an amazing supporter and the coolest person to talk to when I needed to work things out in my head. Working with her, I think we have both learned so many cool new things. I can't wait to see what we come up with next.

I know this is a sappy post, but I really just wanted to share what's in my heart. Yesterday was amazing and it was because of those who have been there from the very beginning and those I met along the way who had more faith than I and who continue to be supporters. I love you all!!

I AM WOLF is available on Amazon. 


Angel, hero, monster, devil--we all become what we really are. I Am Wolf--The journey of a boy about to become a man who inherits his ancestor's gift and must learn the right way to use it. He falls in love with Alaynee and begins to feel like he is normal again. When their world is shattered by the kidnapping of Alaynee's little brother, Jonah breaks the cardinal rule of his gift and bites the kidnapper, creating a creature called the Unnatural. This sends him and all his friends on an adventure across the states to a place in Tennessee. There they find not only must they stop the Unnatural creature, but they must save Cara--the girl the creature is after. Jonah must ask himself the most important question of all, would you sacrifice yourself to save another? 

Copyright by Joann H. Buchanan

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Angelic Knight Press: I Am Wolf-By Joann H. Buchanan

Angelic Knight Press: I Am Wolf-By Joann H. Buchanan: I don't do a lot of reviews, but I loved Joann H. Buchanan's first book "Soulless Light," and when she a...

The love of the written word is like a drug. A single thought can turn into miles across the ocean or a night in bed with someone you love. They are the very essence of my soul; I breathe them in everyday just to live. My heroes aren't the people who are rich and famous. They are the ones who aren't afraid to tattoo my soul with the words they write. The shadows between the pages are the undiscovered worlds and minds of the person who writes them.

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I'm on the Amazon BEST SELLER LIST !!! Number 16

Soulless Light is number 15 on the bestseller list. I never thought I would be able to say that! Check out Kindle list under

I'm sooooo excited about it!! Jumping up and down!!

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