Sunday, July 6, 2014

Author Joann Buchanan & recording artist Conya Doss 06/27 by Cyrus Webb | Current Events Podcasts

Author Joann Buchanan & recording artist Conya Doss 06/27 by Cyrus Webb | Current Events Podcasts

Copyright by Joann H. Buchanan

Look what I found on Google!

I was chilling out on Facebook when I came across a post that says google your first name with the words "Is A" and see what you get..well this is what I came up with.

This is an interview I did a long time ago with Danielle Zwissler. What a cool thing to find this!!

This interview talks about the release of The Kiss, book 2 of The Children of Nox series.

AFTER DARK, book 3 of the Children of Nox series will be out in three months.

Angel, hero, monster, devil--we all become what we really are. I Am Wolf --The journey of a boy about to become a man who inherits his ancestors gift and must learn the right way to use it. He falls in love with Alaynee and begins to feel like he is normal again. When their world is shattered by the kidnapping of Alaynee's little brother, Jonah breaks the cardinal rule of his gift and bites the kidnapper, creating a creature called the unnatural. This sends him and all his friends on an adventure across the states to a place in Tennessee. There they find not only must they stop the unnatural creature, but they must save Cara--the girl the creature is after. Jonah must ask himself the most important question of all, would you sacrifice yourself to save another?

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RERELEASED on 7/10 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cover Reveal The Hunter By Joann H. Buchanan

Destiny chose her, vengeance drove her. Seventeen year old Carly was born to be a hunter, a destiny she rejected until one fateful night when the only person she had in the world was taken, her mom. Now Carly is on a mission to hunt down the entity that destroyed her world.


My name is Carly. I belong to The Order of the Hunters—a group of chosen who are given the gift to track and kill those beings that go bump in the night. Oh yes, they are real, the monsters that creep in the darkness. They hide in the gardens of our own minds by making us believe they are nothing more than myths and legends. I’ve traveled this road for two years now. It’s not the same highway, but at times, when the sun is high in the sky and the road sweats from the heat, it feels like it. I wish I could say what brought me to this point was a sense of honor and nobility. In reality it was much simpler, it was revenge. Mom was taken by Shai, the weigher of souls.
The Hunter is scheduled to be released on January 31st 2014

Copyright by Joann H. Buchanan