Thursday, June 14, 2012


YEAH!! I'm jumping up and down for joy over the fact that our Youngling Pack has reached 1000 likes. It's amazing how little time it took since I Am Wolf was release in January. I'm blown away by the support and all the love!

Now for the one thing you guys have been waiting for. We are going to have a "CREATE YOUR T-SHIRT" contest. I thought it would be cool to showcase a talent I don't have. The contest is going to go on from today until June 30th. The winner will be sent a t-shirt with their design on it. So show off your art and have a blast doing it!

Here are the rules.

It must pertain to I AM WOLF.

You can take any aspect of the novel, including fairies, fantasy, wolves, Native American--as you see you can have a blast with this!

The pictures must be posted on the I AM WOLF FACEBOOK page.

The voting will start on July 1st and end July 15th. I'll make sure all the pictures are posted to this blog and set up a poll for it.

Here are the PRIZES

The grand prize

The t-shirt with their design and an autographed copy of I AM WOLF and THE KISS, a $5 Amazon gift card and a small swag bag full of goodies.

1st place

An autographed copy of I AM WOLF and THE KISS. A $5 Amazon gift card and a swag bag of goodies.

2nd place.

An autographed copy of I AM WOLF and THE KISS and a $5 Amazon gift card.

Everyone else will receive an e-copy of THE KISS. There will be no losers in this have a BLAST!!

I want to make sure that everyone receives something for all the work they put into their design. So have a blast and get creative. :D

Huge hugs and thank you all for the support!! <3 <3 <3
Copyright by Joann H. Buchanan


Muzz05 said...

How do I get the picture on here? Lol Heather Heslip Alexander. I did a beautiful cross stitch design I would like to enter.

Joann H. Buchanan said...

You post them on the facebook page.

It will make it easier to keep track of them and you get to show off your art work..All you have to do is load the picture onto FB and share it on my I AM WOLF wall.

Then from there I'll get them all loaded here with a poll :)

NyX said...


Lena Winfrey Seder said...

This is great news! I'm very happy for you. Also, this contest sounds very interesting. I'm so excited, I wish I were an artist! Good luck to everyone, and take care JoAnn! You are amazing!

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