Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Kiss Book 2 for I AM WOLF

The following is a little taste of The Kiss. It is currently in the rewrite phase. Please enjoy this little snippet while I try to break the bones and make it


Moon Tribe

‘Through dragon’s fire made of ice, I change. I close my eyes to hear the stars whisper in my ear, though nothing is revealed. Torn between a past I don’t understand and a present I can’t escape. A kiss filled with hells fire burns within me. Hear me oh children of the night. The time of the moon children has arrived. We are the chosen ones. I would rather dance with the devil than be betrayed again. I wait for you my shadow man—the entity of my dreams. You are the soul that touches me. I await your arrival. The past is gone the present soon to dawn and now I see the fabrics woven in the tapestries. It is a kiss I wait to give you. A kiss of freedom—a kiss from yesterday—a kiss that shreds the past and carries us unto the future. A kiss.’
 Cleo stood in front of a cave where a single white thorn bush grew. The area was unfamiliar to her at first. A sense of de ja vous filtered through her, sending shivers through her soul. The cave felt ominous. Like the very heart of it was evil, and yet Cleo couldn’t help want to step into it. She knew the path to take. A single step was all it would take to carry her into the arms of the one she knew was there—waiting for her. He had always been waiting for her. She knew that now more than ever. The past was gone. Her shame washed away. The ancestors would soon be restored and her love would hold her in his arms. Cleo knew this with all her heart.
The alarm clock went off, dragging her away from the cave where he waited. The first word out of her mouth was no. Always with in her grasp of understanding but never quite all the way there, she sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes.

 I am Shakya clan, the modern myth come to life. I carry the flames of justice and see through the darkness of night. I am the guardian and the seeker. I am lion and my roar makes even the wolves shake.

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