Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Am Wolf

A little taste of I Am Wolf. The first chapter of this book has been written over several times because I couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted the book to begin. I decided to start with a teaser about Cara. I do hope you enjoy and more news is coming about the release. As it stands right now I'm knee deep in rewrites and edits. 


  “Did you know fireflies come from the wings of angels who choose to walk among us? They are from the fallen. That's why fireflies only glow when a person is being blessed or when they are around a soul that is here for a purpose. To the angels, the fates or God or whoever, feel forever may not be long enough to make things right with the world we live in and so they choose to be as real as you and I. They choose to be seen. My mom told me that just before she died,” Cara said to the miniature giraffe walking next to her just before she popped up in her bed surrounded by all she knew and loved. Fear struck her in the center of her being, causing her heart to pound against her chest. It beckoned her to rush to her mom's room. Cara crept out of bed, opened her door and tip toed as fast as she could. She paused just as she passed the mirror hanging in the hallway. Not because she had just seen her reflection, but because she had seen a glimpse of her wonderland in it. With that, she ran the rest of the way towards Jeanne's room.
A soft ray of light filtered through the window, dancing across Jeanne's face causing her to glow like an angel. Cara inhaled a deep breathe of relief. Her heart slowed down to normal but still, she didn't feel quite safe. Leaning in, Cara kissed her mom in the cheek, just enough to wake her.
Hey doodlebug, what's wrong?” Jeanne asked in a tired voice.
Nothing, I just had a bad dream.”
Well, you can climb in with me.”
She held up the plush comforter, allowing Cara to climb in. Cara relished the warm cocoon of safety she felt in her mom's arms. She rolled over and fell back to sleep, disappearing into her own wonderland. Safe.


livelifelove4ever said...

Its really good ...cant wait to read more ....just like I told Mary I hate teasers it keeps you on your feet wantinh more..thanx for sharring good job..Misty

Anonymous said...

Please hurry so I can read this. Jacquie Talento

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